Sunday, October 22, 2006

This is the first post of my first blog, so forgive me if my netiquette is not up to date. A summary of the idea put forth will precede each paragraph, as noted by brackets [].

[I am sick and tired of republican rule]
The last 6 years have sucked politically and especially economically. This is largely due to the Republican control of all the branches of government, allowing them to cut taxes to the wrong people and form new massive branches of government, rather than fixing the ones that are already there (ahem DHS). I think the Republicans have shown to us over the past 6 years that They neither deserve nor can handle the power that comes with responsibility.

[Democrats arent all that either, but they are the only other possible option right now]
This does not mean that the Democratic party is not also corrupt and scheming as well. I think the entire system not only allows corruption, but actually encourages it. While we cant fix the entire system in time for elections, we can make the only other feasible political choice: help out the Democratic party.

[People complain, Repubs get busted, nothing changes]
I hear a lot complaints about how the GOP is horrible, but then nothing is ever done about it. The reasons for this are varied, many, and irrelevant. Simply knowing the GOP is ripe with corruption, and even massive amounts of scandals hitting the papers daily has not affected their power, nor some of the voters opinions of their elected officials.

[They spent our money lets spend theirs]
When Clinton left office, he also left a budget surplus of $237 billion (1). George W has taken our surplus and turned it into the largest deficit spending ever, this includes both world wars. Well I say we show them what it feels like to have someone else spend your money in ways that dont help you at all.

Online advertising is a big part of the elections now. Howard Dean showed us how important the Internet can be for raising funds, and the Republicans have followed suit. if you search for "GOP" on google, the very first link is a paid spot for If you click on that link, it costs the GOP anywhere from a quarter to several dollars. Keeping this in mind I am proposing a "click in" for as long as it takes to hit them where it hurts; their advertising budget. Just think, less money for attack ads!

I know this strategy can be used for either party, but I think the Donkey has a stronger web presence than the core republicans.

Anyways, if you are tired of GWB and his cronies:

legalizing torture
terrorizing his own people with vague warnings of doom
taking away our rights to free speech
corrupting the press
signing checks that our fiscal ass cant handle
destabilizing the middle east for, err whatever his reason was
telling bad jokes and singing in public
spying on us citizens, recording all phone calls and requiring isp's to log all traffic
etc, etc, etc

If so, go to this link:

and click on the blue pay-per-click advertisement funded by the GOP that reads:
Official GOP Site Support the Republican National Committee and make a difference.

ask all of your: friends, family, enemies, ex-girlfriends, parole officers, ex-boyfriends, pets, parole officers pets, etc, etc to click on the link as well.

Some people will tell you this is "click fraud"(2), but I say that we are not making any money off of it, the GOP is not a competitor, and we are not computer programs, but rather live humans exorcising our rights to move a mouse cursor over a link on google and then left-click....

we still have that much freedom.. dont we?


2) This is what I consider click fraud:


Blogger Free said...

Yes, it seems that it's just getting more and more messy in the our politcal arena.

When you get more news from the comedy channel than from the news channels, you have to wonder what is going on!

I say, "follow the money" and you can see why nothing much is getting done at the Federal or State level to solve some of our major problems such as health care for all, decent (dare I say Excellent) public education for all.

The war is one reason we are spending so much money. We are lining the pockets of the few so we can have cheap oil. And we are sacrificing many American soldiers to make sure we can stay addicted to oil.

Glad to see you are blogging. I like to hear what is on your mind and in your heart.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Going straight for politics, huh? ;)

Are you planning to have people use the standard Blogger atom feed, or something else?

3:20 PM  
Blogger DudeVanWinkle said...

I figure if we do this first to the repubs, then to the dems, we might actually have a clean fight. People might have to base their votes on what one politician thinks we should do, rather than on which politician molested the least amount of congressional pages last year..

..well maybe not, but it is worth a try ;-)


3:27 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

good to see your views have made the web.

now i can keep up to date on your thinkings....
without sharing a room with you.


5:31 AM  
Blogger youtoolovelikeme said...

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8:32 PM  

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