Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why I became a Contractor in New York City

I didn't plan to become a contractor. I was working for Allarus Technology Management up until about two months ago. Allarus is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and deals exclusively with Small Business Server. Even though I dislike SBS, I knew that for some small businesses it will do the job. What I didn't know is that Allarus would take a company with 40 employees and perform a "swing migration", which is taking a normal Active Directory structure and then migrating it to a single Small Business Server. Effectively throwing all their IT eggs into one basket.

In an intelligent setup for a company's IT infrastructure, you try and design the schema to be a fault tolerant as their budget will support. This means making sure that if one thing breaks, it will affect the least amount of services. This is remarkable easy to do as long as you don't rely on Microsoft to provide all of your IT needs.

Allarus had me install a Cisco 1822 firewall/IPS/Router and then disable all the functionality of the Cisco device and use it only to route all traffic to the ISA server component of SBS premium. This was a true test of my ability to work for morons. Moving all services onto the one computer meant that if the server went down for any reason (rebooting after installing a monthly security patch, hardware failure, etc) The clients would not only lose their ability to use the services running on the server, but would also lose the ability to use the (IP) phones and browse the internet.

I voiced my opinion of this configuration and they told me to "just do my job". I consider my job to be to make sure that the clients can do their work and have the most stable and secure system possible. Sine I was prevented from doing this by orders from the owner, decided that I didn't want my name associated with such a shitty setup, I told my boss what I thought of his network designs and how he could clean them up. Anyways, that's how I became unemployed and a contractor in NYC.

tomorrow's installment: The life of a Contractor in NYC


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