Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Virginia Decides to Pull an Ohio

As you will see by comparing my previous post to the data on the link below, Virginia has changed the percentage reporting from

Precincts Reporting: 2437 of 2443 (99.75%)


Precincts Reporting: 2464 of 2599 (94.81%)

Now it seems to me that they have enough provisional ballots to have added 156 precincts to the state of Virginia. I have no clue how provisional ballots work but I am going to figure it out right now.

A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there is some question in regards to a given voter's eligibility. A provisional ballot would be cast when:

* The voter refuses to show a photo ID (in regions that require one)
* The voter's name does not appear on the electoral roll for the given precinct.
* The voter's registration contains inaccurate or out-dated information such as the wrong address or a misspelled name.
* The voter's ballot has already been recorded

A provisional ballot is counted contingent upon the verification of that voter's eligibility.

Ok, so provisional ballots were formed because somepeople dont have ID and becaue electoral rolls get SNAFU'ed. Sounds fair to me... So why am I worried?

Arguments over the use and misuse of the criteria for determining the eligibility of provisional ballots were one of the greatest controversies of the 2004 US Presidential Election - many allege the discrepancies relating to these, particularly in Ohio, may have been a deciding factor in the outcome of the election.

Oh right..

Either way, this is going to be ANOTHER long and annoying process in order for the repubs to get their seat, just like in 2000 and 2004. I know thats cynical, but thats the way it is. Even when its obvious America wants a change, those in power have ways of preventing it.

This is my final election coverage post, this stuff is too annoying.


P.s.: Prediction: Va goes to the repubs


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